Our Scents

self-awareness is a powerful trait. knowing who you are enables you to be at peace with yourself yet be inspired to make positive changes in your life. aware is scented with basil and rosemary, to help with focus and mental acuity, and infused with soothing hints of jasmine, ylang ylang and sandalwood to calm+relax.

“…watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”. like the roots of an aged oak tree, stay grounded and find the strength to be your best no matter what life throws at you with character – a subtle, earthy scent with notes of oakmoss, grass and juniper blended with soft accords of hyacinth and sweet gardenia lily.

common sense
true common sense cannot be bottled but we can all use a little reminder sometimes to listen to the little voice in our heads that grounds us and helps us navigate life’s chaotic moments. inspired by vivian’s mom, her go-to person for a dose of common sense, this scent is feminine, bright and a refreshing way to get thinking back on track, with delicate notes of orchid and lotus flower highlighted with fresh hints of sweet mango, crisp peach and juicy lychee.

truth and honesty are the foundations of being your best, authentic self. inspired by the tale of a young George Washington and the cherry tree, honest contains bursts of fresh cherry, and pear with warm accents of lily of the valley, vanilla and tonka to inspire you to live in truth and honesty every day.

When life hands you lemons, make perfume! Onward is a refreshing, bright yet subtle scent that will remind you to stay positive and give you that little boost for those challenging days. With a combination of grapefruit, melon and crisp green apple together with hints of lemon and cool cucumber, brighten your day and yourself and move Onward!